Friday, 5 December 2008


do you purchase a card that reflects you or the receiver? you/ Receiver
would you purchase a birthday card for a mate down the pub? yes/ no

I have selected guys 18- 35 pub goers who might not usually purchase a birthday card for there friends. i have been researching alcohol averts that are aimed at men. after conducting a survey to gain some primary research i discovered that men 18- 35 would only really buy his friend a beer in the pub as apposed to carrying a large card that would get damaged if he had to carry it around all night.

this WKD advertisement as was produced in order to sell WKD to men. Previously it had been marketed towards women.

the Guinness ads like this have made Guinness a hit again across the world. the previous television ads directed by Jonathan Glazer increased sales of Guinness outside of Ireland by 40% because of the impressive and memerable creations.

according to the questionnaire most men aged between 18-35 are more likely to buy a beer for there mate down the pub rather then give him a card. Or if he meets his friend outside of the pub maybe give him a fiver and tell him to buy himself a beer. Why not merge the two options and create a card to has a "beer token" attached? Often people feel that a book voucher of a certain value is a much better gift then the equivalent cash because it shows more thought has gone into the gift.

I created these 12 cards and each card represents a different beer or cider that the receiver might drink. for example i like to drink Guinness so my friends might buy me a Guinness themed card with a voucher attached so that i can purchase myself a pint of "the black stuff".

Evaluation of my Cards:
I am fairly happy with these final cards however i do feel that if more time was spent perfecting the graphic elements on some of the front covers it would look far more professional. My work would have improved still if i had managed to research the market in which my cards are intended to be placed. In future projects i will collect a greater knowledge of the market and evidence this in my research file or PPRD folder/ sketch book.