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Proffessional Project

Faber& Faber (live brief)

In a team of three again we have entered into a live brief competition but this time the examining body is D&AD! this is a huge opportunity to get your name out there in the graphic design world. D&AD is a massively respected organisation so to win this would be great for positive exposure and a way into getting an interview for a job or possibly some freelance work.

This was typed onto orange layout paper, it creates an interesting effect because bleed does not occur nearly as much as with more pour us papers.

A quick chat to visiting lecturer Hayley and the team had decided to simplify our thinking and remember that the person buying this book probably doesn't care too much about the design and care more about owning the words written inside. We had a look at how we could link the designs to what the books are to make them more of a special thing to have and own. We looked at the layouts of screenplays themselves and how they are written. One distinguishing feature that all script books had in common where that they had been typed on a typewriter, so this is where are experimentation began. These are one off prints and to reflect this we have used a typewriter because it is far more precious and rare because as close as you might get to recreating the same page many times it could never happen.

This was typed onto normal printer paper and the bleed we felt was very nice and gave the individual aesthetic that we where looking for.

using a typewriter you have a choice of two colours that we felt was also important to the simplicity of the book cover and made us perhaps consider more what we where typing and how we used the colours.

We used thick cotton print paper and liked the bleed that happened with the red ink and think that the black lettering looks unique with the different pressures and missing solid colour gaps.

We continued thinking along the lines of one offs, print and old limited yet satisfying techniques.
We decided to use type blocks but in a slightly more experimental manor. The type is obviously backwards but a quick image flip horizontal in photoshop will fix that.

We began to build entire patterns with the blocks face down. this was to represent the checkered patterns that New York cabs had in the days of "Taxi Driver"

A yellow background gives this a more taxi style.

This is an example of how the text looks when it has been flipped horizontally.

Portfolio/ C.V.

I have decided to not include an address in my C.V. at this present moment in time because as soon as i have finished Visual Communication i will be between addresses and between countries so i feel that my phone will be the most reliable form of communication in conjunction with email.

These are the finished greeting cards that i designed for Guys 18-35 as small gifts for there friends in the pub. After conducting some questionnaires i came to a rather overwhelming conclusion that men 18-35 did not tend to purchase a birthday card for there "mates down the pub" instead they where far more likely to simply buy them a drink. This is the culmination of the two concepts. The buyer will select a beer or cider that there friend drinks and purchase a voucher from (in this case) Weatherspoons, with a birthday message attached and room to write to........ and from.......... the voucher then tares off and allows the receiver to buy there drink and keep the birthday message in there wallet.

My anti Gambling poster. I wanted to convey in a simple way just how damaging gambling debt can be! The photography shows clearly a man down on his luck and the copy tells the viewer how this happened.

The animal watch packaging design drawings. The wave shaped constructed plywood says surf, and the plywood says skate. The cavity inside where the watch is housed also contains the watch after purchase so that the user can use it as a bedside clock as well.

bus ad shell poster design for the Royal British Legion. Because this is supposed to be placed at a bus stop i decided to put it in context and use the visuals of the bus route map to create bullet points that convey facts about where the money from donations really goes. I feel the information contained could easily be taken in by the viewer because a person waiting at a bus stop does have the time to stop and read.

My type radio double page spread magazine layout, the text was taken from a radio interview with Ellen Lupton then i transcribed it and created this layout. I chose the title "Design is a Religion" because this felt to be one of the more interesting and frankly crazy quotes from this particular interview. The text is laid out to represent a cross which is one of the more prominent religious icons.

This was created during a "drift" around Bournemouth. A "drift" is where you simply walk around a new place, on this occasion Bournemouth was a new town to me so i decided to look up at some of the more interesting architectural features in Bournemouth town center. I was looking from a different view then normal because i was looking from directly bellow each structure. I feel that this has a rather Russian constructivist feel because i have used collage to piece all of the elements together with sky.


My initial idea for my portfolio website was to have an interactive three dimensional cubiks cube using flash to create it and publish it using dreamweaver. I studied online tutorials to try and achieve this effect as i had never used action script 3 before. I worked well outside of my comfort zone and attempted something that i had never tried before.

Unfortunately i did spend a lot of time working on this and realised right at the very end that i did not have the correct plugins for papervision 3d to work. When i searched the net to find the correct plugins i couldn't find them anywhere and had to abandon this concept. Although i had spent alot of time trying to create this i still had plenty of time to try and build a new site.

I had decided to stick with the rubiks cube idea but to not make it fully interactive. It would just sit in the middle of the screen and each side would be a button

DBA (live brief)

Chris Luke and myself entered a competition to redesign the existing DBA (Dorset Business Awards) logo because of legal issues regarding another company with the initials DBA and there resemblance to one another. After examining the existing logo we decided to get as far away from it as possible because of the whole reason for the re-brand.

This logo is not what they selected initially but with a few meetings with the heads of the Dorset Business Awards we managed to satisfy the clients and ourselves.

With some email correspondence we where asked to move the swoosh and the date, we also re sized the Daily Echo who are the main sponsors of the awards. Neil our Tutor did deal with the emails but forwarded them to us and went through things in detail as best he could understand there needs so we could crack on and make the amendments.

Last term we did get another email asking if we can change the logo one more time, we changed the date from 2008 to 2009 and 2010 to be sure.

Evaluation of my experience entering a design competition:

First of all i think i really learned how to work effectivly in a team, a team of 3 at least. Time management is even more important in a team because it is not just your time it is also the other members of the teams time. Regular meetings with each other and to catch up on what each have been doing if you have decided to work separately. Turning up on time to these frequent meetings is important because if half the team have worked and discussed the work then they have to go over it again when the other half turn up and that wastes time and people get upset.
Secondly i have learned how to present my work in a professional manner in order to sell my design to the prospective client. The nerves on the night of the competition are an important lesson because you must remain calm because you might need to discuss your ideas with the very people who are making the decisions. Client designer relationships and negotiation are a key part in the working environment i believe, and this was covered for a short period during the finishing touches of the design. Even after the face to face meetings emails might be shot back and forth to the client and designers.

Friday, 20 February 2009


Creating Packaging for the new line of animal watches:

Strength Durability Waterproof Robust Active Sport Value for parent purchasing the child's watch.....

I have chosen to market the watch to children aged 8- 12 therefore the people handing over the money for the product will be the child's parents. Parents generally want to purchase a watch that is value for money, inexpensive and will last for a long time. Therefore the watch itself must be able to withstand the kind of treatment that an 8- 12 year old boy/ girl will give it whilst surfing/ skating/ wake boarding/ kite surfing etc. At the same time the watch must appeal to the child who is wearing it, and stand up to the reputation of the extreme sports that it is made for.

I think it is important to think "why a watch?" since the advent of the mobile phone and mp3 players you see less and less people who wear watches. In this case the animal watch and its target consumers are always going to make sales because you can never take your mobile phone or mp3 player out on the surfboard with you. The wearer needs to be aware of how much light there is left and be aware of the tides that will change.

From the side elevation you can see a sideways tear shaped cavity where the watch will be housed. This shape represents a breaking wave to symbolise animals strong connections to the sport of surfing, and this also allows the user to sit there watch inside the box and reuse it as a housing to create a bedside clock.

The finished box will be constructed of molded plywood to represent the connection with skate; skateboarding, rollerblading and bmx. The wood should symbolise a half pipe ramp aswell as a breaking wave.
Again in this project i don't show my market in a professional manner. i have considered my target audience and what i want the packaging to say, however my finished product and design drawings do not reflect my concept at a professional standard. Time management needs to be addressed for the next unit. I did not take my illness into enough consideration when moving my deadline.