Wednesday, 25 February 2009


My initial idea for my portfolio website was to have an interactive three dimensional cubiks cube using flash to create it and publish it using dreamweaver. I studied online tutorials to try and achieve this effect as i had never used action script 3 before. I worked well outside of my comfort zone and attempted something that i had never tried before.

Unfortunately i did spend a lot of time working on this and realised right at the very end that i did not have the correct plugins for papervision 3d to work. When i searched the net to find the correct plugins i couldn't find them anywhere and had to abandon this concept. Although i had spent alot of time trying to create this i still had plenty of time to try and build a new site.

I had decided to stick with the rubiks cube idea but to not make it fully interactive. It would just sit in the middle of the screen and each side would be a button

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