Wednesday, 25 February 2009

DBA (live brief)

Chris Luke and myself entered a competition to redesign the existing DBA (Dorset Business Awards) logo because of legal issues regarding another company with the initials DBA and there resemblance to one another. After examining the existing logo we decided to get as far away from it as possible because of the whole reason for the re-brand.

This logo is not what they selected initially but with a few meetings with the heads of the Dorset Business Awards we managed to satisfy the clients and ourselves.

With some email correspondence we where asked to move the swoosh and the date, we also re sized the Daily Echo who are the main sponsors of the awards. Neil our Tutor did deal with the emails but forwarded them to us and went through things in detail as best he could understand there needs so we could crack on and make the amendments.

Last term we did get another email asking if we can change the logo one more time, we changed the date from 2008 to 2009 and 2010 to be sure.

Evaluation of my experience entering a design competition:

First of all i think i really learned how to work effectivly in a team, a team of 3 at least. Time management is even more important in a team because it is not just your time it is also the other members of the teams time. Regular meetings with each other and to catch up on what each have been doing if you have decided to work separately. Turning up on time to these frequent meetings is important because if half the team have worked and discussed the work then they have to go over it again when the other half turn up and that wastes time and people get upset.
Secondly i have learned how to present my work in a professional manner in order to sell my design to the prospective client. The nerves on the night of the competition are an important lesson because you must remain calm because you might need to discuss your ideas with the very people who are making the decisions. Client designer relationships and negotiation are a key part in the working environment i believe, and this was covered for a short period during the finishing touches of the design. Even after the face to face meetings emails might be shot back and forth to the client and designers.

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