Friday, 20 February 2009


Creating Packaging for the new line of animal watches:

Strength Durability Waterproof Robust Active Sport Value for parent purchasing the child's watch.....

I have chosen to market the watch to children aged 8- 12 therefore the people handing over the money for the product will be the child's parents. Parents generally want to purchase a watch that is value for money, inexpensive and will last for a long time. Therefore the watch itself must be able to withstand the kind of treatment that an 8- 12 year old boy/ girl will give it whilst surfing/ skating/ wake boarding/ kite surfing etc. At the same time the watch must appeal to the child who is wearing it, and stand up to the reputation of the extreme sports that it is made for.

I think it is important to think "why a watch?" since the advent of the mobile phone and mp3 players you see less and less people who wear watches. In this case the animal watch and its target consumers are always going to make sales because you can never take your mobile phone or mp3 player out on the surfboard with you. The wearer needs to be aware of how much light there is left and be aware of the tides that will change.

From the side elevation you can see a sideways tear shaped cavity where the watch will be housed. This shape represents a breaking wave to symbolise animals strong connections to the sport of surfing, and this also allows the user to sit there watch inside the box and reuse it as a housing to create a bedside clock.

The finished box will be constructed of molded plywood to represent the connection with skate; skateboarding, rollerblading and bmx. The wood should symbolise a half pipe ramp aswell as a breaking wave.
Again in this project i don't show my market in a professional manner. i have considered my target audience and what i want the packaging to say, however my finished product and design drawings do not reflect my concept at a professional standard. Time management needs to be addressed for the next unit. I did not take my illness into enough consideration when moving my deadline.

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